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Version: 0.1.2 Type: application AppVersion: rc

A fun, new, open way to experience social media


Repository Name Version elasticsearch 19.0.1 postgresql 11.1.3 redis 16.13.2


Key Type Default Description
affinity object {}
autoscaling.enabled bool false
autoscaling.maxReplicas int 100
autoscaling.minReplicas int 1
autoscaling.targetCPUUtilizationPercentage int 80
iceshrimp.allowedPrivateNetworks list [] If you want to allow iceshrimp to connect to private ips, enter the cidrs here.
iceshrimp.clusterLimit integer 1 Number of worker processes per replica
iceshrimp.deepl.authKey string ""
iceshrimp.deepl.isPro bool false
iceshrimp.deepl.managed bool false
iceshrimp.domain string "iceshrimp.local"
iceshrimp.isManagedHosting bool true
iceshrimp.libreTranslate.apiKey string ""
iceshrimp.libreTranslate.apiUrl string ""
iceshrimp.libreTranslate.managed bool false
iceshrimp.maxNoteLength integer 3000 Max note length
iceshrimp.objectStorage.access_key string ""
iceshrimp.objectStorage.access_secret string ""
iceshrimp.objectStorage.baseUrl string ""
iceshrimp.objectStorage.bucket string ""
iceshrimp.objectStorage.endpoint string ""
iceshrimp.objectStorage.managed bool true
iceshrimp.objectStorage.prefix string "files"
iceshrimp.objectStorage.region string ""
iceshrimp.reservedUsernames[0] string "root"
iceshrimp.reservedUsernames[1] string "admin"
iceshrimp.reservedUsernames[2] string "administrator"
iceshrimp.reservedUsernames[3] string "me"
iceshrimp.reservedUsernames[4] string "system"
iceshrimp.smtp.from_address string ""
iceshrimp.smtp.login string ""
iceshrimp.smtp.managed bool true
iceshrimp.smtp.password string ""
iceshrimp.smtp.port int 587
iceshrimp.smtp.server string ""
iceshrimp.smtp.useImplicitSslTls bool false
elasticsearch object {"auth":{},"enabled":false,"hostname":"","port":9200,"ssl":false}
fullnameOverride string ""
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
image.repository string ""
image.tag string ""
imagePullSecrets list []
ingress.annotations object {}
ingress.className string ""
ingress.enabled bool false
ingress.hosts[0].host string "chart-example.local"
ingress.hosts[0].paths[0].path string "/"
ingress.hosts[0].paths[0].pathType string "ImplementationSpecific"
ingress.tls list []
nameOverride string ""
nodeSelector object {}
podAnnotations object {}
podSecurityContext object {}
postgresql.auth.database string "iceshrimp_production"
postgresql.auth.password string ""
postgresql.auth.username string "iceshrimp"
postgresql.enabled bool true disable if you want to use an existing db; in which case the values below must match those of that external postgres instance
redis.auth.password string "" you must set a password; the password generated by the redis chart will be rotated on each upgrade:
redis.enabled bool true
redis.hostname string ""
redis.port int 6379
replicaCount int 1
resources object {}
securityContext object {}
service.port int 80
service.type string "ClusterIP"
serviceAccount.annotations object {}
serviceAccount.create bool true string ""
tolerations list []

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