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Unless specified otherwise, the entirety of this repository is subject to the following:
Copyright © 2014-2023 syuilo and contributors
Copyright © 2022-2023 Kainoa Kanter and contributors
Copyright © 2023-2023 The Iceshrimp contributors
And is distributed under The GNU Affero General Public License Version 3, you should have received a copy of the license file as LICENSE.
These specific configuration directories:
- .config/
- custom/assets/
and their contents are
Copyright © 2023 The Iceshrimp contributors
And are distributed under The Apache License, Version 2.0, you should have received a copy of the license file as LICENSE in each specified directory.
Iceshrimp includes several third-party open-source softwares and software libraries.
RsaSignature2017 implementation by Transmute Industries Inc
License: MIT
Licenses for all softwares and software libraries installed via the Node Package Manager ("npm") can be found by running the following shell command in the root directory of this repository:
`yarn -R info --manifest`