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@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
if ! has nix_direnv_version || ! nix_direnv_version 2.2.1; then
source_url "" "sha256-zelF0vLbEl5uaqrfIzbgNzJWGmLzCmYAkInj/LNxvKs="
if ! has nix_direnv_version || ! nix_direnv_version 2.3.0; then
source_url "" "sha256-Dmd+j63L84wuzgyjITIfSxSD57Tx7v51DMxVZOsiUD8="
use flake . --impure

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@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ Please note, however, that this environment will not work on Windows outside of
### Prerequisites
- Installed the [Nix Package Manager](
- Installed [direnv]( and added its hook to your shell.
- Installed the [Nix Package Manager]( (use the comman on their website)
- Installed [direnv]( and added its hook to your shell. (package manager)
Once the repo is cloned to your computer, follow these next few steps inside the Calckey folder:
@ -20,3 +20,89 @@ Once the repo is cloned to your computer, follow these next few steps inside the
- You should now see the admin user creation screen!
Note: When you want to restart a dev server, all you need to do is run `devenv up`, no other steps are necessary.
# Possible Troubles with the dev enviroment
(this doesn't have to be done under normal conditions, this is for future reference)
### direnv
If you have any trouble with `direnv allow`
Check that the contents of `.envrc` have the same version of nix-direnv that is specified here:
> nix-direnv under -> installation -> using direnv source url
there should be no errors during `direnv allow`
### outdated nix packages
if `install-deps` or any subsequent command doesn't run due to versioning problems
`flake.nix` and `flake.lock` may be outdated
delete `flake.lock`, or better, run `nix flake update --extra-experimental-features flakes --extra-experimental-features nix-command`
after that, run `direnv rebuild`
if there are any errors, you might have to change `flake.nix`
(because the available options can change between versions - consider getting support in [the matrix channel](
### after changing a node version
in my case, i had to change the node version from 19, to 18
! before proceeding, make sure to delete all build artifacts!
remove `node_modules` and `built` folders, and maybe `.devenv` and `.direnv` as well
manually, or run `npm cache clean --force` and `pnpm cleanall`
### Windows Subsystem for Linux
if `devenv up` terminates because of wrong folder permissions,
create the file `/etc/wsl.conf` in your distro and add
options = "metadata"
this allows `chmod` calls to actually have an effect.
the build scripts DO actually set the permissions, it just needs to work in wsl.
### devenv up
devenv up may take a looong time. (some say this is fake news, maybe it was bad luck in my case)
do not get spooked by this error:
> calckey@14.0.0-dev32 start /mnt/.../calckey
> pnpm --filter backend run start
> backend@ start /mnt/.../calckey/packages/backend
> pnpm node ./built/index.js
throw err;
Error: Cannot find module '/mnt/.../calckey/packages/backend/built/index.js'
at Module._resolveFilename (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1075:15)
at Module._load (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:920:27)
at Function.executeUserEntryPoint [as runMain] (node:internal/modules/run_main:81:12)
at node:internal/main/run_main_module:23:47 {
requireStack: []
Node.js v18.16.0
ERR_PNPM_RECURSIVE_RUN_FIRST_FAIL backend@ start: `pnpm node ./built/index.js`
Exit status 1
ELIFECYCLE Command failed with exit code 1.
the script is designed to constantly try to start the server, while the build is still running.
this just means that the build isn't finished yet.
at some point you should see a banner that says "Calckey" in big letters -
then you're good to go and can run `migrate` (in another terminal)!
if you don't see the banner,
and it's for some reason stuck on `Finished 'build' after 917 ms` for a view minutes,
just leave devenv running and open another terminal in the folder
run `migrate` and then `pnpm --filter backend run start` by yourself
the server should start

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@ -8,11 +8,11 @@
"pre-commit-hooks": "pre-commit-hooks"
"locked": {
"lastModified": 1682953188,
"narHash": "sha256-MFH6yK7QnEV6+T96Pt++lH8ozDn4YqzaOXAS6u5h3mM=",
"lastModified": 1685521914,
"narHash": "sha256-0fdFP5IASLwJ0PSXrErW8PZon9TVYmi8VRF8OtjGkV4=",
"owner": "cachix",
"repo": "devenv",
"rev": "c388b8c57116a71174d26b09c0c38b4b6b5bac3a",
"rev": "e206d8f2e3e8d6aa943656052f15bdfea8146b8d",
"type": "github"
"original": {
@ -29,11 +29,11 @@
"rust-analyzer-src": "rust-analyzer-src"
"locked": {
"lastModified": 1682922129,
"narHash": "sha256-qnhkfksuuSLbN5UJM+KSCMSRC13bXosr6Ed3NwerRno=",
"lastModified": 1685514167,
"narHash": "sha256-urRxF0ZGSNeZjM4kALNg3wTh7fBscbqQmS6S/HU7Wms=",
"owner": "nix-community",
"repo": "fenix",
"rev": "c1f90f80ba4d60bea60685dd4515fb22d53279cc",
"rev": "3abfea51663583186f687c49a157eab1639349ca",
"type": "github"
"original": {
@ -63,11 +63,11 @@
"nixpkgs-lib": "nixpkgs-lib"
"locked": {
"lastModified": 1680392223,
"narHash": "sha256-n3g7QFr85lDODKt250rkZj2IFS3i4/8HBU2yKHO3tqw=",
"lastModified": 1685457039,
"narHash": "sha256-bEFtQm+YyLxQjKQAaBHJyPN1z2wbhBnr2g1NJWSYjwM=",
"owner": "hercules-ci",
"repo": "flake-parts",
"rev": "dcc36e45d054d7bb554c9cdab69093debd91a0b5",
"rev": "80717d11615b6f42d1ad2e18ead51193fc15de69",
"type": "github"
"original": {
@ -155,11 +155,11 @@
"nixpkgs": {
"locked": {
"lastModified": 1677534593,
"narHash": "sha256-PuZSAHeq4/9pP/uYH1FcagQ3nLm/DrDrvKi/xC9glvw=",
"lastModified": 1678875422,
"narHash": "sha256-T3o6NcQPwXjxJMn2shz86Chch4ljXgZn746c2caGxd8=",
"owner": "NixOS",
"repo": "nixpkgs",
"rev": "3ad64d9e2d5bf80c877286102355b1625891ae9a",
"rev": "126f49a01de5b7e35a43fd43f891ecf6d3a51459",
"type": "github"
"original": {
@ -172,11 +172,11 @@
"nixpkgs-lib": {
"locked": {
"dir": "lib",
"lastModified": 1680213900,
"narHash": "sha256-cIDr5WZIj3EkKyCgj/6j3HBH4Jj1W296z7HTcWj1aMA=",
"lastModified": 1682879489,
"narHash": "sha256-sASwo8gBt7JDnOOstnps90K1wxmVfyhsTPPNTGBPjjg=",
"owner": "NixOS",
"repo": "nixpkgs",
"rev": "e3652e0735fbec227f342712f180f4f21f0594f2",
"rev": "da45bf6ec7bbcc5d1e14d3795c025199f28e0de0",
"type": "github"
"original": {
@ -205,11 +205,11 @@
"nixpkgs-stable": {
"locked": {
"lastModified": 1673800717,
"narHash": "sha256-SFHraUqLSu5cC6IxTprex/nTsI81ZQAtDvlBvGDWfnA=",
"lastModified": 1678872516,
"narHash": "sha256-/E1YwtMtFAu2KUQKV/1+KFuReYPANM2Rzehk84VxVoc=",
"owner": "NixOS",
"repo": "nixpkgs",
"rev": "2f9fd351ec37f5d479556cd48be4ca340da59b8f",
"rev": "9b8e5abb18324c7fe9f07cb100c3cd4a29cda8b8",
"type": "github"
"original": {
@ -221,11 +221,11 @@
"nixpkgs_2": {
"locked": {
"lastModified": 1682929865,
"narHash": "sha256-jxVrgnf5QNjO+XoxDxUWtN2G5xyJSGZ5SWDQFxMuHxc=",
"lastModified": 1685399834,
"narHash": "sha256-Lt7//5snriXSdJo5hlVcDkpERL1piiih0UXIz1RUcC4=",
"owner": "nixos",
"repo": "nixpkgs",
"rev": "f2e9a130461950270f87630b11132323706b4d91",
"rev": "58c85835512b0db938600b6fe13cc3e3dc4b364e",
"type": "github"
"original": {
@ -250,11 +250,11 @@
"nixpkgs-stable": "nixpkgs-stable"
"locked": {
"lastModified": 1677160285,
"narHash": "sha256-tBzpCjMP+P3Y3nKLYvdBkXBg3KvTMo3gvi8tLQaqXVY=",
"lastModified": 1682596858,
"narHash": "sha256-Hf9XVpqaGqe/4oDGr30W8HlsWvJXtMsEPHDqHZA6dDg=",
"owner": "cachix",
"repo": "pre-commit-hooks.nix",
"rev": "2bd861ab81469428d9c823ef72c4bb08372dd2c4",
"rev": "fb58866e20af98779017134319b5663b8215d912",
"type": "github"
"original": {
@ -274,11 +274,11 @@
"rust-analyzer-src": {
"flake": false,
"locked": {
"lastModified": 1682886915,
"narHash": "sha256-FPQKPvlHIU2DsDF6GMoRtrZhil0vHi6MFd8vpKEx/n8=",
"lastModified": 1685465261,
"narHash": "sha256-aJ2nUinUrNcFi+pb47bS5IIAeSiUEEPLJY8W4Q8Pcjk=",
"owner": "rust-lang",
"repo": "rust-analyzer",
"rev": "3a27518fee5a723005299cf49e2d58a842a261ca",
"rev": "d2b3caa5b5694125fad04a9699e919444439f6a2",
"type": "github"
"original": {

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@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
languages.typescript.enable = true;
# Enable javascript for NPM and PNPM
languages.javascript.enable = true;
languages.javascript.package = pkgs.nodejs_19;
languages.javascript.package = pkgs.nodejs_18;
# Enable stable Rust for the backend
languages.rust.enable = true;
languages.rust.version = "stable";